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Understand the law and protect your rights for the consequences of not can lead to big fines and jail time.

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Weapons Attorney in Phoenix

The right to bear arms for self-defense or hunting is an important part of American life. Should you be convicted of an Arizona gun crime, that right could be lost. In addition, you could face fines, jail time or prison.



Arizona weapons charges include but are not limited: guns, knives, scissors and other sharp, dangerous items. Misdemeanor domestic violence becomes a serious offense when a gun is involved. Assault charges involving a gun or deadly weapon is deemed a "dangerous offense" under Arizona law.


    Misconduct involving weapons


    Discharge of a firearm

    Using a weapon in a threatening manner

    Displaying a firearm


    Concealed weapons

    Drive-by shootings

    Assault with a deadly weapon

    Unlawful gun possession

    Felon possessing a firearm



What To Do

Contact an attorney immediately. After hearing your story and reviewing police reports, an attorney can work with the county BEFORE FORMAL CHARGES are filed.


What your attorney will do


We will aggressively track down witnesses, gather statements and review the evidence against you. Illegal questioning and illegal searches are common mistakes along the way that can affect whether charge makes it trial or leads to a guilty verdict.




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