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Spousal maintenance, more commonly known as alimony, is an amount of money that is paid by one spouse to another to assist that spouse's support. Unfortunately, there is no specific mathematical calculation used to determine the amount of spousal maintenance that should be awarded to a spouse in Arizona. The amount and duration of a spousal maintenance award is determined by a number of factors and on a case by case basis.


Spousal maintenance is intended to give a spouse the time and ability to become self sufficient and is most often reserved for cases in which the marriage is one of more than five years. In order for a spouse to receive an award of spousal maintenance they must first show that they have a need. Need is most often established by determining the spouse's monthly living expenses and their earning capacity. Once it is determined that a spouse has a valid need for a spousal maintenance award, the Court must determine the amount of the award and the duration or how long the spouse will receive the award. There is no bright line rule for how much a spouse will receive or how long they will receive the award. This uncertainty makes spousal maintenance a routinely litigated issue in family law.

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