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Loosing a loved one is an emotional and difficult time for family. Leaving property left behind often results in court.

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Probate is often confused with taxes but probate is not a tax. It is a court process and fees from the state are often only several hundred dollars. What exactly is probate and why do people sometimes choose to avoid probate?


Probate is the process of:


    Submitting the will to the court for validation

    Legally appointing a personal representative to manage the estate

    Prepare and file an inventory of all assets and liabilities

    Contact beneficiaries

    Notify creditors regarding the decedent's debts

    Repay debts

    Pay any estate taxes

    File final tax returns

    Distribute the estate


Some assets avoid probate and some estate avoid probate. The following assets avoid probate:


1.    Assets with designated beneficiaries who are still living (such as life insurance, retirement accounts, annuities and bank accounts with "payable upon death")

2.    Assets held in a living trust

3.    Assets held in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship


Probate typically lasts six months or more in Arizona. Creditors must be given four months of notice before the probate can be closed and the remaining tasks in probate typically take one month minimum.


There are three types of probate in Arizona:


1.    Informal Probate - - Uncontested estates can normally go through informal probate, which means a judge or court clerk called a "registrar" oversees the process with minimal supervision.


2.    Formal Probate - - When the validity of a will is in question or if the decedent died intestate (without a will), formal probate occurs which can include hearings.


3.    Supervised Probate - Similar to an informal probate except the personal representative cannot enter an agreement to sell real property or make distributions without a court's approval.


Attorney fees can quickly add to the cost of probate depending on the complexity and length of the probate. Hence, some families choose to use a living trust to avoid probate. However, many of the same steps involved in probate must be performed by the successor trustee of the living trust and sometimes the successor trustee will need assistance from an attorney.


Probate offers the benefits of a court

overseeing the steps to ensure all

requirements are satisfied and the

instructions of the will are followed

correctly. If there is a dispute, a court can

settle the matter.


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