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Parenting time refers to the amount of time that each parent shares with the minor children. How much time is awarded to a parent is dependent upon the individual circumstances of your case.


There are a variety of parenting plans that can be entered into. Each couple's situation is unique and therefore, each parenting plan is unique. Parenting plans should take into account each parents typical involvement with the minor children. A parenting plan that awards each parent an equal amount of time with the minor children assumes that each parent was equally involved in the children's day to day needs during the marriage.

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Child support is calculated by first determining each parent's monthly gross income or capacity to earn income. In addition to income, child support is calculated by determining the number of days that the non-custodial parent spends with the minor children, who provides medical/dental insurance and what the cost is as well as the cost of daycare for the children if any. There is also a provision for the inclusion of any necessary and reasonable extra-education expenses. In addition to the above factors, a child support calculation will take into account whether you or your spouse have any additional biological children that either of you provide support for and whether either of you will receive spousal maintenance. You can calculate child support for your particular situation by using the child support calculator located at the Arizona Supreme Court


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