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Lavell & Rivera, PLC is dedicated to providing successful legal representation to our clients throughout Phoenix Arizona. We offer a wide array of legal services from Family Law to Criminal. With years of experience winning cases and providing professional legal representation we are confident that we are the Phoenix Law Firm that can help.


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Phoenix Estate Planning and Family Law Attorneys

Family Law

Family law can be one of the most difficult areas of law because all the participants in the matter may not yet be adults yet they feel much of the emotional stress that the adults are feeling.

Estate Planning

Power of attorneys become valuable during an incapacitation. A last will & testament can name guardians for dependent children while a trust can control how and when assets are distributed to beneficiaries.

Civil Law

Civil law resolves disputes between two private parties - one is the plaintiff and the other is the defendant. A defendant who loses must reimburse the plaintiff.

Business Law

 Successful businesses use well-written, enforceable documents to help reduce costly and time-consuming conflicts and litigation. We help new and existing businesses with formation documents, contracts and successful conflict resolutions.

Why Choose Leavell & Rivera, PLC?

Attorney's Tom Leavell and Londa Rivera have over 20 years of experience practicing law in Phoenix. They have dedicated their lives and careers to protecting the rights of individuals and families in Arizona.


Leavell and Rivera, PLC offers legal representation to about every area of law possible. Over the years of practicing and serving the valley  the firm has aquired a great depth of knowledge in the multiple different facets of law. This allows the firm to be able to fully serve each and every one of our clients with all their legal needs.


Choosing Leavell and Rivera, PLC you will get nothing short of the finest legal representation available in Phoenix, combined with passion and experience you can be confident that your case and legal matters are in the right hands.


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