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Health Care Power of Attorney

Giving someone the power to make decisions about your health care requires strong legal documents to assure your

needs and wishes are always at the top of mind. Our attorneys will be sure that your these choices are your choices.

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A medical power of attorney appoints an agent(s) to make health care decisions when you are unable to communicate your wishes. Your medical power of attorney's decisions must be what he/she believes the document's maker would have chosen. If the medical power of attorney is unsure what the document maker's decision would be, he/she must make a decision believed to be in the maker's best interests.


Decisions a medical power of attorney might make include all medical, surgical, hospital and related health care issues.

An agent must be age eighteen (18). The agent does not need to live in Arizona to act as a health care power of attorney. Typically, people list a primary with a couple backups in case the primary power of attorney is unable to act or has passed away.


Talk with family or friends who may serve as potential agents to share your beliefs and views on various amounts of care. If a living will is not in place, your health care power of attorney may be forced to make life support decisions.

A medical power of attorney must be witnessed and notarized in the state of Arizona to be effective.

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