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Family law can be one of the most difficult areas of law because all the participants in the matter may not yet be adults yet they feel much of the emotional stress that the adults are feeling.


Hence, it is important not just to find an attorney who can be trusted to fight for your rights but to have an attorney who works hard to foster an a constructive environment as a workable agreement is constructed.


Our Phoenix-area attorneys are experienced in divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and property division. Our family law attorney, Londa Rivera, has first-hand experience in a divorce and understands not just from a legal perspective but a personal perspective what it can be like resolve family issues.


Londa is a divorced mother of three children and personally understands the emotions and issues associated with the divorce process and child custody and parenting time issues. Londa also intimately understands what it means to co-parent children and what happens when the divorce is over and all of the papers are signed.


Knowing how important these issues are to each and every person, Londa will take the time to listen to your case and the facts specific to your matter. At Leavell & Rivera, P.L.C., we do not pre-judge any matter. Whether you are mother or father, or even if you do not have any children, Londa knows that your matter is paramount and will treat you as such.


Our goal is to resolve matters outside of contested litigation, knowing when parties come to agreements themselves, they are more likely to last. Yet, some families for various reasons need a court to settle matters and our experience and aggressive nature will ensure you any children are protected.


There are not many things as important as your family. Attorney Londa Rivera understands that, and her dedication to protecting your family and rights as a parent are held to the highest standard with each and every client at Leavell & Rivera, PLC. To provide the best legal representation during your time of need for an attorney. Attorney Rivera has made it her passion to understand each and every way we can help by becoming knowledgeable and experienced in all of family law areas of practice.


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