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We at Leavell and Rivera, P.L.C., understand and know that going through a divorce can be a very emotional and frightening process for many people. Understanding the process and having an attorney that will assist you and educate you regarding Arizona's laws, can greatly reduce the stress involved. Leavell & Rivera, P.L.C., will make sure that you understand the process and will take the time to ensure that you are aware of the law and your rights. If you are contemplating divorce, or if your spouse has filed for divorce, contact Leavell & Rivera P.L.C. Arizona is a community property state. This means that all property and/or debts acquired during the marriage, with certain exceptions, are presumed to be community assets and/or debts and must be divided "equitably" between you and your spouse. Just because an asset or debt is titled in one spouse's name, does not make that asset or debt the sole and separate property of that individual. The asset or debt must fall into one of the following exceptions:


Any asset or debt that either spouse brought into the marriage is considered to be that individual's sole and separate asset and/or debt. Any asset that was either a gift or that was inherited by you or your spouse is the sole and separate asset of the party receiving the gift or devise. However, there is a possibility, especially with a gift or devise of money, that the party receiving the gift or devise has commingled the money so as to transform into a community asset. If you or your spouse is going to claim that an asset or debt is their sole and separate asset or debt, it must fall into one of these categories and the likelihood is that you will need to have documentation supporting the claim. In addition to dividing your assets and debts, and depending upon your circumstances, the court will address all or some the following issues:

Spousal Maintenance, Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time


We at Leavell & Rivera understand how important these issues are to our clients. While we are prepared to fight to ensure that you receive a result that is fair, we also realize that people who have a role in determining the outcome of their particular case tend to be much happier with the result and are much less likely to return to court. That is why we will work to try to negotiate a full settlement on your behalf. A full settlement dispenses with the need for a trial and avoids the large expense associated with a trial. If you are interested in having Leavell & Rivera, P.L.C., assist you with your divorce, give us a call or contact us below.


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