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Civil law deals with disagreements between two parties, which can be individuals or businesses. The party bringing the suit is the plaintiff and the accused is the defendant.


The plaintiff, if awarded a judgment, often receives compensatory damages and sometimes punitive damages depending on the severity of the offense.


Civil law includes family law and divorce law, vehicular accidents, personal injury, abuse and worker's rights.


Like any legal matter, it is wise to contact an attorney immediately if you think you are the victim or believe you are about to be sued. The earlier an attorney can become involved in the matter, the more likely a resolution can be found to keep the matter inexpensive and less time-consuming.


Should an incident occur that may lead to legal action, do your best to keep accurate records of all events. Keep a journal to help you remember the details for when an attorney or court may ask later. If applicable, take photographs and gather names with contact information of people who may serve as witnesses to support your side.


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