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Juvenile criminal offenses involve individuals under age eighteen (18). A child may face the same criminal charges in a juvenile court system as an adult may face but the penalties are often not as severe because of their age. However, for a serious enough crime, a child may be tried and sentenced as an adult.


A charge against a child can have long-lasting effects into adulthood if he or she is arrested again and affect future school and employment opportunities. For first-time offenders it is important to have excellent legal representation to minimize these consequences.




Juvenile crimes include:



    Auto theft

    Burglary, robbery, shoplifting and theft (link)

    Destruction of property / Vandalism


    Underage drinking and DUI

    Drug possession or distribution such as marijuana

    Assault and battery (at or away from school)



Potential Outcomes


Besides Juvenile Court and other criminal hearings a student may face as a result of his or her actions at a school or school function, a child may face administrative hearings before a School Disciplinary Panel. Results can range from short term suspension to expulsion.



What To Do

Contact an attorney immediately. The Arizona juvenile court system aims to help juveniles get back on course for a productive life. Our first goal is to negotiate for the charges to be dropped or dismissed before formal charges are filed. If not, we work towards having the charges reduced, negotiating for probation or an alternative sentence focusing on community service and rehab. If the case goes to trial, we will use every resource available to get the best outcome for your child.


What your attorney will do

Should your child be charged with a serious felony, we will work hard to keep your child in the juvenile system and avoid adult transfer proceedings. We will examine all the evidence of the charges, scrutinize the actions of law enforcement, inform you of your legal rights, determine your child's best defense and then aggressively defend your child.




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