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Estate Planning Law Chandler, AZ

Chandler Estate Planning Lawyer

Chandler Arizona has become a very popular area within the Phoenix metro for families and individual facing questions about estate planning. If you are curious to know what or why estate planning is important to you, we can help. Our attorneys at Leavell & Rivera, PLC have over 20 years of experience practicing within the areas of estate law and family law in Phoenix. Practically everyone has an estate. In fact just about everyone does. An estate is made up of everything you own - your car, a house, other real estate, bank accounts, life insurance, personal belongings, investments and more. The common question coming from Chandler is, do I need an estate planning attorney. The answer is yes, due to the simple fact that you have an estate. Planning now for the future and uncertain circumstances can help avoid hardships for others when the time comes

Estate Planning in Chandler Arizona

The Chandler Arizona area has an average age demographic of 25-44. Most of which own a home, this is usually the first large assets someone acquires into their estate. Estate Planning isn’t just those who are retired, in fact more young adults today are considering plans for their estate then ever before. If life isn’t tricky enough consider what happens when your home, car, belongings, investments and business need to be divided up but no plans were made before hand… Working with an estate planning attorney will ensure your wishes and values to be met by the order of court. Saving your family time and preventing unnecessary issues. These instructions state who receives what from your estate and what you want them to receive. Our attorneys will help make sure you are still in control, when the time comes. We work each and everyone of our clients to develop a successful estate plan with the least amount paid in taxes, legal fees, and court costs.

Modest or Significant Assets - You Need an Estate Plan

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