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Whether Starting or Managing Your Business, Having an Attorney who Knows all you need to Legally Protect your Business and Employees is Second to none. Experienced Attorney Tom Leavell is Here To Help

Business Formations Lawyer in Phoenix

The foundation for a successful business is smart business planning. By consulting with an attorney and other professionals, you can prepare yourself for the common situations many businesses encounter.

Many businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars in business litigation because agreements were never written or poorly written. Businesses may also end up paying more in taxes because the wrong type of business was created. Business owners might also lose personal assets and vice versa because the wrong type of business structure was chosen. We help business owners avoid these costly mistakes for just a small amount of money upfront.

Whether you are an individual with an idea for a business, two partners looking to work together or a real estate investor looking to separate personal assets from your investments, there are common questions to initially address.

The type of business you create will often depend on tax considerations and liabilities. The choices for business formation types include:

In addition to drafting the necessary organization documents, we can help draft buyout agreements, obtain necessary business licenses and registrations, protect intellectual property via patents, trademarks and copyright protection.

Questions to ask before meeting an attorney?

  1. Who will take the risk?
  2. Who will do the work?
  3. Who will receive the profits?
  4. Who is responsible for debts?
  5. Who is authorized to purchase assets for the business?
  6. What happens if a partner dies or wishes to leave the business?

There are numerous other questions that should have answers before starting a business and we will help you arrive at solid decisions to prepare your business for whatever it may encounter.

Our attorneys are experienced with many types of businesses, including but not limited to: restaurants, bars, real estate investors, real estate developers, construction companies, medical practices, non-profit organizations, automotive businesses, retail stores and more.

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