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Boat Accident Lawyers in Phoenix

Most boating accidents due to:


    Boating while under the influence of alcohol

    Excessive speed

    Machinery failure

    No proper lookout

    Operator inattention



The results from these accidents can be a variety of injuries, drowning or wrongful death.


For children, drowning is the leading cause of death while boating.


Overall, two-thirds of boating accident victims drowned, and of those, 90 percent did not wear a life jacket.


Federal law (33 CFR Part 173; Subpart C-Casualty and Accident Reporting) requires that victims of boating accidents file a report with the nearest state boating authority. Boating accidents should be reported within 48 hours in the event that:


    A death occurs within 24 hours of the accident

    An injury results that requires medical treatment beyond first aid

    A person disappears from a vessel under circumstances that point to death or injury

    Damage to vessel results in more than $2000.00 worth of damage or in a total loss.

According to the Arizona Game and Fish department, the event of a boating accident obliges a watercraft operator to perform the following actions:


   The operator of any watercraft involved in an incident resulting in injury or property damage must immediately stop the watercraft, offer his or her name and address, and the name and address of the watercraft's owner, to the injured party.


    The operator of watercraft involved in a boating accident must render reasonable assistance and report the boating accident to the nearest law enforcement agency.


    The operator must file a report directly to the Arizona Game and Fish department within 48 hours if the injury resulted in a fatality.


If the boating accident resulted in any injury beyond first aid or property damage of more than $500.00 then the operator must file a report with the department within five days.


Read article about how Arizona ranks poorly for boating safety.


If you or someone you care about is injured in a boating accident, talk to an attorney to determine if there is reason for you to seek compensation for your injuries.

Top states

for boating accidents

Ranked by total number

of accidents in 2008:

1. Florida 616.

2. California 520.

3. Texas 218.

4. Michigan 187.

5. New York 160.

6. Maryland 159.

7. Arizona 158.

8. Georgia 150.

9. North Carolina 148.

10. New Jersey 140.


Source: U.S. Coast Guard


Safety tips


1. Wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket any time you enter the water. Children 12 or younger must wear a life jacket while on any vessel.


2. Don't drink while you boat.


3. Know the state's boating laws before you get on the water. Rules and information are available at here.


4. Check the weather. Know the latest marine weather forecast prior to going out and keep a regular check for changing conditions.


5. Keep in touch. Cellphones, satellite phones, emergency-position-indicating radio beacons, VHF radios and personal locator beacons can all be helpful in an emergency.


Source: National Safe Boating Council, Arizona Game and Fish Department



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